The Arts


On a beautifully sunny day 10 year 6 children worked with partner’s from Earthworks at Aldingbourne creating ‘Green Man’ sculptures on the trees in the Woodland using clay and natural items such as leaves, twigs and feathers. They then made ‘journey sticks’ by binding items on to bamboo sticks with wool and string. 

Aldingbourne is a wonderful place for a family outing so do consider it over the summer holiday and see if you can see our ‘Green Men’ on the trees in the Woodland.

Aiden, Dilan, Kady, Tillie, Owen and Tobias from Year 6 did a great job as ambassadors for our school at the Worthing and Adur Eco-Summit at Worthing High School which was attended by over 300 pupils from schools across the county.

The event theme was ‘Getting Back To Nature’ and was part of the E.Y.E (Eco, Young and Engaged) Project. 

During the course of the day the children took part in the workshops ‘Discover the Dark Side of the Downs’ in which they became dark skies mini-explorers, finding out about fantastic nocturnal wildlife  on the South Downs which is an international Dark Skies Reserve and each child made a model bat! ‘Water Filtering’ was led by  a team from Southern Water and the children experimented with different methods and substances in an attempt to filter water. In the afternoon they took part in ‘Building Success!’ run by The Weald and Downland’ living museum and in which they worked on a large scale model of the award winning Gridshell building using many natural materials and sustainability principles. Finally, in the ‘Solar Racer Workshop’ they had to construct and race a solar powered car considering aerodynamics and drag to produce a vehicle that was more energy efficient. 

It was a fascinating day.....lots of ideas were brought back to school for future projects here!



Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded certificates from Trinity College London for successfully completing ‘Arts Awards Discover’ which is a nationally recognised award for young people with a particular interest in the arts.

Lily, Tobias, Elliot, Annie, Suzanna, Miles, Olivia, Innis,  Alexander, Lola, Dilan, Sasha and Red.

We have greatly enjoyed the contribution your art has made to the displays around the school; thank you. Keep on with your beautiful art work at High School.



On a beautifully sunny day the school grounds were looking at their best and Dilan, Elliot, Finley John, Lily, Red and Tobias made a great job of ‘tour guides’. The four judges were particularly impressed by John and Finley’s explanation of how they planted fennel seeds, by Dilan and Tobias’s knowledge of butterflies and wildflowers in the Woodland area, Elliot’s explanation of the ‘Pollination Promise’ and Lily and Red’s knowledge of fruit and vegetable growing and how they had been involved since year 3. Year 3’s fruit and vegetable raised beds and herb garden outside the classrooms were much admired.




Children from Years 2 and 6 used wonderfully eye catching  colours of paint to decorate birdboxes and masks which will brighten up both our Quad Garden and also the garden area at Angmering Station. 

Bringing art to Angmering Station is part of our Community Railway project and these items, along with Spring themed craft items made by Year 4, were taken to the station by the crafters and will enhance the platform environment. Look out for the new project ‘Sidetracked’ next time you travel by train.

Hobbycraft Display

We were asked by Hobbycraft as a school if we would like to do a display in their Rustington store.The theme was 'Summer'.

Hobbycraft gave us 7 large canvases , 1 for each year group to work their magic. The outcome as you can see was bright and summery.



For many years one of the seasonal highlights for the school’s community is the end of the spring term’s ’EGGSHIBITION EGGSTRAVANGANZA’. 

A week before the end of term every child in the school is given a very ordinary, small, white, polystyrene egg together with the challenge “create a piece of art work with the egg as the central feature; use as many different materials as you like and be as creative as you can”........the children never fail to amaze and impress with their creations! It is definitely one of the year’s most popular pieces of ‘homework’!

 A First, Second and Third Prize (chocolate Easter Eggs of course!) are awarded to the winning entrants in each year group. Every child’s effort is celebrated in a whole school assembly when the main prizes are presented.

 Year 6 children help to display the creations in the school hall and the eggshibition is then viewed by the whole school before a ‘judging panel’ has the unenviable task of selecting winners. 

There is great eggscitement when the competitors are invited back into the Hall to see if they have eggcelled; resulting in a prize winning card by their entry. 

 This year’s entries ranged from topic inspired ones such as Year 5’s Greek Medusa and Zeus, through environmental issues being tackled “Climate change is threatening the polar bears’ habitat; we don’t want them to become eggstinct” to a depiction of a best selling children’s book David Walliams’  ‘Grandpa’s Great Eggscape’ in which the egg was cleverly crafted into the WW2 flying ace and positioned in the book.

 The eggshibition also challenged visitors to spot the egg disguised, among other things, as a squirrel, a hedgehog, a spaceman, a bird in a tree, Treasure Island’s egg in an oyster, a crock of gold at the end of a rainbow and even a teacher......

What a great, creative start to the Easter holidays!


Happy Easter!

Daisy-Mai and Ben from Year 5 helped  to decorate our Easter Tree. Happy Easter to everyone.


Many thanks to all bakers (and cake eaters!) who helped to make the cake sale organised by the Year 6 ‘Arts Awards’ Group such a great success. 

£97.40 was raised which will be given to the Aldingbourne charity ‘Earthworks’ Group who are one of our art partnerships. 


Textiles day at Anne of Cleves House in Lewes 

Families from our school had a great day exploring Tudor textile work in the authentic setting of Anne of Cleves House. 

Adults and children experienced spinning wool from fleece and weaving using a variety of yarns on wooden looms. They also learned how to stitch samplers using black stitch work. “We managed to learn so many new things.!” “My favourite activity was spinning;at first it was tricky but I soon got the hang of it” “it must have been great to wear clothes that you had made yourself from your own sheep fleeces.” “

Aldingbourne Art Buddies

 Another successful workshop session took place in school with a group of clients from Aldingbourne joining our children to create some wonderful pieces of art work. Tiles were decorated and pieces completed just in time for Mothering Sunday. The clay work which had been fired and glazed at the centre were returned to the children. “Wow, it looks fantastic, I am so proud of it” being the general feeling of all participants.

Art Buddies Partnership Flourishes

Now in its fourth year the art partnership between Georgian Gardens Community Primary School and Earthworks at Aldingbourne Country Centre continues to strengthen, bringing creative fun for all involved. Over the years the children from the school and the clients attending Earthworks at Aldingbourne have formed friendships through regularly creating art together in both venues. Supporting each other they have experimented with many arts and crafts and, amongst other things, created cards, designed and painted mugs, made felted pictures and objects, worked with clay to create a variety of ceramic objects and used mixed media to create collaged pictures. Gill Hunter Nudds (Coordinator of Earthworks) shares her thoughts ........ “The Partnership that we have formed is so very valuable to the Earthworks Group in so many ways, promoting confidence, friendship and shared creativity between ourselves and the school. The group loves, and looks forward to, our workshops together” . Deirdre

Carolin (Arts Coordinator)......”Art has a high profile at our school where we see it as being accessible to all and a means of expressing ideas and feelings, in addition to learning new skills and producing art of which we are proud. We have a particular strength in community art projects and cross generational art which we feel brings benefits to all. Our partnership with Aldingbourne is the perfect example of this and continues to develop and grow. We are grateful to Alex David and Grace Sims (volunteers at the school) whose commitment has helped to make the

project such a success.”

Pupils at the school sum up their experiences.....”the workshops are really good fun, I love being at Aldingbourne, it makes me feel happy”. “I like all the activities we have done together but my favourite thing was when Gill helped us make bird nests from materials we found in the woods and then clay birds to put in them and told us the story of the wren’s feather”.   “I am always proud of the things I make and it is fun to take them home like when Mrs

Carolin showed everyone how to make felted soaps.” “I enjoy working with our friends from Aldingbourne when they come to our school and we share our ideas with them and make coffee and biscuits for them.”   “I love the things our friends from Aldingbourne make for us and I especially liked the printed bag I was given and secondly liked the woolly sprout which was really clever!”  “Gill is really kind and explains how to make the things so that our clay turns out really well.” With such positive results everyone involved will ensure that this project thrives and benefits all the ‘Art Buddies’.


Recycle your ‘Spring Clean’!

We will all soon be looking forward to the Spring weather! With the change of season will come ‘The Spring Clean’. When you have a clear out of wardrobes and cupboards please remember that outgrown and unwanted items (BOOKS, C.Ds, CLOTHES, SHOES, CURTAINS AND BRIC A BRAC) can be recycled in our school container and help raise funds for both our school and also for The Rockinghorse Trust which provides resources for sick children in Sussex.

The collections in November and December raised £122.40 for our school. THANK YOU!

Experimenting with colour and form at Pallant House 

A Family Art Weekend Workshop at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester started with viewing a variety of abstract paintings, prints and collages by a range of artists currently exhibited in the Gallery’s Print Room and, after a morning of experimenting with inks, paints, brushes, rollers and sprays, ended with a fantastic collection of colourful paintings and prints.  Well done to all artists.....of all ages! Watch out for the works of art which will be on display in school. 


Year 6 help our community to Travel Safely


Next time you travel by train from Angmering Station do look out for for the new artwork  in The Booking Office. The Year 6 posters produced during ‘Rail Safety Week’ make an eye catching display and put across very effectively the very important features of how to travel safely by train. 


 A very successful year of partnership workshops with our children creating craft with clients from Aldingbourne Country Centre culminated with a wonderfully festive session of clay work at the centre.


Children from North Lane and Sumerlea Schools joined a group of our children from Year 4 to ‘dress the tree’ at Angmering Station. The decorations were all hand made by the children and received many positive comments from both the Station Staff and travellers. One lady commented that “it really feels Christmassy now!”

There is also a display of our children’s art work on three display boards along the platform so remember to look out for our art work over the festive season.



On November 17th children from Year 5 in Georgian Gardens C.P School in Rustington (along with Mrs. Scantlebury from NADFAS and Mrs. Carolin, their teacher) took part in ‘Kids In Museums Takeover Day’. Each year on that day thousands of young people all over Britain ‘takeover’ museums both large and small, getting a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ and are also given the opportunity to try out some of the jobs essential for the smooth running of the establishments.

The children learnt that Rustington Museum holds many people’s treasures, books and photographs and that, in that way, Rustington’s history is celebrated.

They experienced, at first hand, the many rules and regulations a curator of a museum must adhere to, to ensure safe and respectful handling of all artefacts (whether gifted or loaned) and that legal paperwork has to be issued for every item in the museum’s possession.

The children then took responsibility for accessioning a newly gifted embroidered postcard that was created by a soldier in World War 1. 

Under Julie’s guidance they entered it into the register, tagged it and securely wrapped it ready for safe storage so that it could be tracked for easy referencing.

During the session they also took part in a guided tour of the museum’s exhibitions and discussed the sorts of displays and labels that help visitors to get the most from a visit.

“I really enjoyed being part of ‘Kids In Museums’. I had a great experience. I particularly enjoyed writing the accession form for a World War 1 hand embroidered Christmas Card that was sewn by a soldier to send home to Rustington. “

“I got to talk on a radio on ‘shop-watch’ and that gave me an idea of one of the jobs in a museum. I am really pleased that I went to the museum as part of the project.”

“Overall the museum was very interesting and I will definitely come again.i recommend ‘Kids In Museums’ Day to everyone.”

“I found out there arelots of jobs in a museum that you wouldn’t think of (like filling out accession forms and writing tags for every item) and lots of artefacts that are stored away because they can’t all be displayed. It was very interesting. It is Museum worth going to.”

“It was fun sitting in the curator’s chair at the desk in the office!”


It was a very busy (but extremely enjoyable and informative) morning, and one in which the children realised just how much goes on ‘behind the scenes in our museum to keep it running smoothly!

Winning News!!!!

Good News! We have won the Fair Trade 'Design a Tshirt competition' that was launched in the summer. The link below will take you to the publication where you can see the winning entries!


Art Day at Lewes Castle

On a beautifully sunny day 27 adults and children spent a fascinating day exploring the 1,000 year old Lewes Castle and it’s panoramic views across East Sussex. One ancient part of the castle contained clothes of the period and the children had great fun dressing in them, imagining living at that time!

Artefacts from the adjoining Museum of Sussex Archaeology provided inspiration for the clay workshop in which we all created clay tiles, pots and faces. Handling the ancient pieces of pottery was a wonderful privilege and the experience led to some superbly creative pieces
Aldingbourne Partnership Workshop
Our very successful Art Partnership withAldingbourne Country Centre was evident during an afternoon workshop in which clients from Aldingbourne and our Year 6 Arts Awards Group worked together to create some beautiful ceramic designs.  We have been invited to Aldingbourne in December to join in one of their workshops.
Half term got off to a very creative start for the participants of the latest Family Art Weekend Workshop at Chichester’s Pallant House Gallery.
The exhibition of Paula Rego’s drawings were the inspiration for drawings and paintings in which people and personal items were combined in imaginative compositions and portrayed using a range of media.
The drawings produced in the gallery spaces and the final pieces worked on in the workshop were praised by both members of the public touring the gallery and the artists involved in the workshop.
Well done all!
New display at Angmering Station
When next travelling from Angmering Station do look out for the new display of art work produced by our Arts Awards Group.  The colourful pictures of sunflowers brighten the Station boards and the station staff tell us that they have already received  many compliments. 
Georgian Gardens 'mug shots'!
The latest Weekend Family Art Workshop resulted in some very creative mug and coaster designs when children from Years 5 and 6 brought their families into school on Sunday to enjoy an afternoon of art.
After discussing possibilities of design, plain white mugs and coasters were transformed by colourful patterns and pictures ranging from dogs and flowers to footballs and rocking horses! Some designs were created to celebrate birthdays and others just for making mugs of coffee and tea taste extra special!
Well done to all artists. Remember  'Earth without art is just Eh?!'
Community Rail Partnership Nomination
We were pleased  to be nominated for a national Community Railway Partnership prize in this year's awards and even more delighted to discover that our 'Art for All at Angmering' has now been shortlisted.
Arts Awards participants Lily, Miles,  Red and Tobias from Year 6 went to Angmering Station with Mrs Carolin and artist Lyn Leese to receive the certificate.....along with praise for "the wonderful displays of art which enhance the Station environment " Station manager Simon So
New display at Angmering Station
When you next travel by train look out for the new display of our art at Angmering Station. The theme is 'Portraiture' using multimedia work created at a Family Art Weekend Workshop at a Pallant House Gallery in Chichester and can be seen on the three display boards along the platform.
At a Family Art Workshop at Chichester's Pallant House Gallery a group of our families sketched in the gallery spaces gaining inspiration for the workshop session in The Print Room when they created portraits. A wide range of materials were available and the multi-media collages that resulted from the morning's work were stunning! Well done to our artists. An exhibition of the portraits will be on view at Angmering Station over the summer holidays.
National outdoor Classroom Day
Thursday 18th May was National Outdoor Classroom Day and groups of children had the opportunity to work with professional artist Claire Westwood creating 'art outdoors for outdoors'. The grey skies didn't dampen spirits or affect the colourful creations! The Quad Garden now boasts a beautifully painted shed and mobiles crested from recycled materials.
                                                             Georgian Gardens children walk out of their classrooms! 
Classrooms across the world were empty onThursday 18th May: not because of holidays or mass truancy but because of an initiative called 'Outdoor Classroom Day '.
This is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play, acknowledging the research which proves that active participation in outdoor learning is not just stimulating and fun but a very effective approach to education.
Over a million children from thousands of schools all around the world took part in this project  by taking their learning outdoors. 
Children at Georgian Gardens School are fortunate in having a Quad Garden in which they regularly take part in lessons; learning about science and the environment (growing a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs  in addition to studying the wildlife that has made its home in the variety of habitats found there) and also creating art to enhance the area.
On this special day groups of children worked with artists Claire Westwood and Esther Heylen creating pieces of art 'In The Garden, For The Garden.' They used a wide variety of recycled materials and, taking inspiration from the nature all around them, designed and made flowers and insects using tin cans, plastic bottles, milk bottle tops, string and a wide variety of items waiting to be 'repurposed'! The 'star of the show' being a two metre long tin can 'monster' (which is now to be spotted creeping through the flower bed) was painted in a wide variety of colours and patterns.
The  garden shed had a 'makeover' with  a painted underwater scene featuring fish, plants and dolphins and the scarecrow in the vegetable bed was decorated with  mobiles created from CD's and pieces of old, unwanted jewellery.
Being a Green Flag School the imaginative use of recycled materials is an ongoing challenge which the children love!
Thanks from The Green Team (and The Rockinghorse Trust!)
What a great response to the plea to fill the recycle bin with your unwanted clothes, books etc. Thanks to you The Rockinghorse Trust received a cheque to help with their work in supporting very sick children in Sussex and we were given £121.50 towards school funds. Let's see if we can fill the container again before the end of Term!
You can donate in any bag, at any time. Thank you.
A group of children were asked to speak at a NADFAS meeting, sharing experiences, and their art, created at the Weekend Family Art Workshops. Speaking confidently to an audience of 150 they were wonderful ambassadors for our school. They were presented with a cheque for £300 in support of the project.
Community  Railway Partnership
Next time you are travelling by train please do look out for the new display at Angmering Station showing mountainscapes painted by Year 5.
Art Partnership with Aldingbourne Country Centre
As part of our Arts partnership with Aldingbourne ten children from Year 5 tookpart in a workshop and created woven 'nests' having been for a birdspotting walk in the woods and seen the baby bluetits in one of the nests that is linked with a computer camera.