Home Learning during isolation or school closure (CV-19)

In the event of a child needing to isolate a pack of work containing sheets and links to lessons will be provided. A grid showing their timetable (and links) can be seen below. In the event of the closure of a bubble, Seesaw and Tapestry (YR) will be used as a way of setting home learning and for the children to share their work with teachers. 
Each year group also has a closed Facebook page on which some messages and activity ideas are shared. The main system of contact from school remains our messenger service 'School Ping'.
For Reception children who joined us in September 2020 we've set up your own closed Facebook Group and Tapestry to help us get to know each other.   Please contact the school office if you have any queries.
"Thank  you for caring and supporting all the non keyworker children who have to wait until September for a return to some sort of normality!  All your lovely staff have been amazing and when the girls felt down suddenly up pops a personal message from current teachers or today, next year's teacher!!  This really helped reassure our little one that it will be ok and not "scared" in her words.... Thank you GG as always..."  Year 4 Parent. 2020
"We really appreciate all the learning ideas that are being sent out, your regular communication and attempts to stay connected with families and the onsite provision for children who need to be at school"   Parent 2020