Sports Premium 2016 - 2017

PE and Sports Premium Funding at

Georgian Gardens School 2016/2017

Allocation for 2016/17 - £9780




Raise participation levels  in all PE and sport across the school

Raise participation in sports competitions across the school

Increase confidence in sport

Increase skill level

Improve enjoyment of PE and sport

Improve the teaching of PE





Engage the least active pupils in sports activities and raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of exercise 

Use Sports Premium money to provide places at clubs for children who are not usually involved in extra-curricular sport and/or are unconfident in sporting activities.

Free places were offered to a number of children across the school – 196 Club places across the 3 terms.

No cost to the school as the Club places were offered free of charge.

Provide targeted sports clubs for those children who are least active and would not usually participate.

Specific clubs were run to engage children – fencing and archery for example.

No cost to the school as clubs were run by outside agencies

Update PE equipment to promote participation for all during school lessons and extra- curricular lessons

Purchase PE Equipment as required:

Coordinator to complete a resources audit. Replenish missing items. Buy new kit to enable teachers to incorporate Outdoor and Adventurous activities into the PE Curriculum

Equipment was bought to enable  specific activities to take place in clubs and at lunchtimes.



Promote inclusive PE to enable children with SEND to participate.

Enter children into the Locality inclusion competitions.

Ensure a teaching assistant can take these children to the events.

All Locality Inclusion events were entered into and children took part against a wide variety of schools.

Two adults went to each event to supervise and support the children.


To improve teaching of PE at Georgian Gardens by raising the confidence and expertise of class teachers.

Fund a PE expert to support teachers in their delivery of PE. (Once a week throughout the year)

P Gwynn supported teachers across the school in their planning and delivery of PE/Games.



To facilitate playtime games activities, thus increasing PE time.

To develop leadership skills.


Employ a PE expert to train and support a group of year 6 children to become Sports Crew (Play Leaders) who will facilitate playtime games activities in KS2 and KS1 every lunchtime.

Employ an HLTA to facilitate the lunchtime activities and manage the Sports Crew.

Purchase new equipment to be used during lunchtimes for playtime games activities: bat and ball games, skipping ropes, skipping poles, catch nets, stilts etc.

The Sports Crew Leaders (Bronze Ambassadors) to attend locality meetings and organise events in our school.

P Gwynn trained the Year 6 play leaders to work with children across the school during lunchtimes.


C Darney facilitated the work of the Play Leaders throughout the year.


New “play equipment” was purchased to be used specifically at lunchtimes across the school.

Additional resources were bought using the Sainsbury’s Voucher scheme.

All Locality Meetings were attended by the Bronze Ambassadors, who also organised and led activities in our own school.










To  provide opportunities to take part in a variety of sports at a competitive level

Take part in all the Angmering Locality sports events and additional events from the Littlehampton District Primary Schools Sports Association.

Join the local Sports Partnership

Ensure an adult is available to supervise children at these events.

All events available to the school were entered into.

The local sports partnership did not run during the last academic year.

At least 1 adult attended each of the sporting events.



To ensure all children swim 25m by end of year 6

To provide additional swimming lessons for those pupils unable to swim by end of year 6 (transport, pool hire and tuition fees)

19 children in Year 6 benefitted from Top Up swimming during the Summer term.



Train PE coordinator to be an effective middle leader.

Supply cover required to cover teachers on PE courses.

The West Sussex PE Conference was attended by the PE Coordinator




Total spending during the 2016/17 academic year was £3220.

The outdoor play equipment in the school, that provides children with an active way of spending their playtimes and lunchtimes is in need of repair and some items need replacing so the underspend from the Sports Premium money will be carried forward to be used to purchase new equipment that can be used by children from across the school, during the 2017/18 academic year.