Eco Council and Green Flag

Eco Stalls at the Summer Fayre 
Year 3 (as part of their  'Field to Fork' project) organised a very popular and successful event at the Summer Fayre where visitors could dig their own potatoes to take home and also purchase beetroot, courgettes and other vegetables which the children had grown. 
The Eco Team had organised the Mystery Jar stall which sold all 165 jars in the first half hour of the event! There were many disappointed customers when they saw the empty table!  Let's try to have even more available for sale at the firework event in November.
Caterpillar Eco Beast
Mrs Carolin received a letter today which informed the school we had won a county wide competition:
Congratulations to your school and the children who designed the Caterpillar Eco Beast, you came 1st!  It was an inspirational and outstanding sculpture, everyone was in awe of it! As you are probably aware the WSCC Biffa facility at Warnham would have it and would like to put it on display  there.
The judges had a very hard job choosing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for four age categories. The judges were Marji Talbot founder of Sussex Sculpture Studios an independent teaching studio in Billingshurst, Brett Mcguin an Environmental Scientist and the Community Liaison Officer for Biffa West Sussex and Katy Newnham, CEO and Founder of Wastebuster.  
As a result of your 1st place the school has won an inspirational assembly delivered by a lady called Nicola Peel. Nicola is a highly acclaimed international speaker on the challenges of environmental sustainability and the creation of grassroots solutions to problems left behind in the Amazon by global corporations. More information here She will deliver an age appropriate school assembly. Following the assembly there is a Green Art Workshop for class who made the sculpture. 

The Green Team Eco Council 


The Development of both our Woodland Walk and Quad Garden has resulted in a 'growing' interest in using the areas for both curriculum work and 'out of hours' activities with a 'green' focus.
Our Green Team was formed in 2008 and, since then, has gone from strength to strength and the projects undertaken have been recognised by 'Eco Schools' (an international initiative to encourage awareness of Green issues) resulting in us being awarded 4 Green Flags....the highest award possible for schools. This award needs to be applied for every two years with the school showing not just maintenance of sustainable projects but also new initiatives.
The Green Team meets monthly with representatives from children, teachers, support staff, a governor and members of the local community.
We are very proud of the enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, our environment by our whole school community.
Hobby Craft Easter Bonnet Competition
Well  done to Dilan, Elliot and Lily in Year 5 who designed and created the Easter Bonnet which won us the 1st Prize in Hobbycraft's Easter competition. We used mainly recycled materials with a theme of 'Egg and Spoon Race'. £100 of art materials is a great prize and will be enjoyed by many.
Our thanks too, to all who voted for us!
Green Team members from Year 6: Bella, Maeve, Molly, Ben, George and Sam were superb ambassadors for Georgian Gardens C.P. school at the Eco Summit when they accompanied Mrs Carolin and Mrs. David (community volunteer member of the school's Green Team) to the event hosted by The Littlehampton Academy 
The theme of the project, as explained in the welcome by Tim Loughton (MP and project founder) and the Key note speech from Lee Wray Davies (Eco School's Manager)  was "putting concern for the environment at the heart of everything we do", something which Georgian Gardens School endorses wholeheartedly.
There were a series of  workshops during the day exploring sustainable issues. One, led by a member of The Weald and Downland Museum, encouraged consideration of sustainable materials used, in the past, for clothing. Children experimented with carding and rolling wool and agreed it was a long and difficult process but that the end results were both comfortable and had many environmental benefits in contrast to many of the synthetic materials used today. They had the opportunity to try on clothes made in the style of those worn in Saxon times.
Another session (after learning about factors such as weather changes and pesticides which affect farming arable crops) allowed the children to grind wheat and roll oats before learning the techniques involved in bread making by hand: end results were taken home to bake for tea! Consideration of our carbon footprint was explored via the activity of 'the journey of an Easter Egg'. Everyone was surprised by the energy sources employed in both the production and manufacturing of the chocolate and packaging: something, we all agreed,  to consider when making selections of Easter Eggs this year!
Following the plenary session we were proud to be one of the two schools chosen to illustrate (via a PowerPoint, prepared by Ben and Sam: presented by Sam and Bella) Eco projects within our school community. We had chosen our prizewinning Community Railway Partnership with Angmering Station. 
We then heard that the top prize for art using recycled materials had been won by our school for  a bird feeder created by Tobias in Year 5.
All in all it was both an enjoyable and thought provoking day for the 'Green Team who shared their thoughts on the day in a whole school assembly.
Recycled birds fly into Georgian Gardens School garden!
Following a weekend art workshop at Georgian Gardens School one of the trees in the Quad Garden now houses a flock of exotic looking birds. On closer inspection the feathered creatures prove to be practical as well as beautifully creative!
The young artists (with help from their parents) were given the challenge of designing and making bird feeders to hang in the school grounds. As part of the school's Eco ethos of 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' recycled materials are used, wherever possible, in art activities. 
On this occasion, tin cans, bottle tops and other pieces of household metal were reshaped and painted in the design process; always bearing in mind that the finished articles needed to be capable of containing bird seed. All were successful!
The school has been awarded its 4th Green Flag in 2016.....the highest award possible for schools with a strong commitment to environmental issues. When the judges visited the school they commented on the children's knowledge of the varieties of birds that visit, and nest, within the school grounds.
 Every January the children take part in the R.S.P.B.'s 'Big School's Birdwatch'. During this special project week children chart and record the birds visiting the grounds and the information collected is submitted to the national organisation, thus contributing valuable data. 
A group of children from the Green Team will be taking examples of this art project to the forthcoming Eco Conference in Littlehampton.
The birds in the Quad Garden have already shown their approval of the new 'species' populating the cherry tree by feeding from them!

Exciting Green Team News - December 2016


 We have just heard that we have won the E.Y.E. (Eco Young and Engaged) Christmas Tree decoration Challenge. This competition was open to all schools and Eco Groups in Worthing, Adur, Arun and Chichester area so we are delighted to have won. 


 There is a prize of £100 of gardening vouchers and the organiser of the project will be coming into school on Wednesday to present the prize.....well done to our artists.


The decorations are on display at Angmering train station.


Georgian Gardens Community Primary School -'The angels and Christmas trees are made from ironed recycled plastic bags cut into circles and decorated. The Stars from recycled cardboard boxes covered in unraveled wool strands and the small multicoloured baubles by covering shapes with scraps of tissue paper. In addition to decorating our school tree the Green Team make decorations for the tree at our partnership railway station at Angmering.'

Green Team Latest


Five members of our Green Team (Tillie, Archie, Elliot, Holly and Bethany) greeted Councillor Alison Cooper when she came to school with a gift of a sack of daffodil bulbs from the Parish Council. The Green Team will take responsibility for deciding where and how to plant the out for hundreds  of yellow blooms enhancing our grounds in the spring!

                                                                          GREEN BLUE PETER BADGE AWARDED

Congratulations to .Suzanna in Year 5 (one of our Eco Team members) who has been awarded a GREEN Blue Peter Badge after she wrote into the BBC programme telling them about her work in our school's Eco Team. In the letter the programme presenters sent to her they said how impressed they were with all the activities that we do to look after our environment. We are very proud of you Suzanna!